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Hello Friends, we are opening Zoo World United Kingdom Gifting Family & Friends because our last group was deleted by someone. We all were very sad when that happened because it took a long time to set the wonderful group up. Well, please understand we will be adding our friends back to this group and if you do not want to be in this group then, please quietly exit. We are only trying to get our friends back so we can send gifts to them and share special holidays and occasions with them. Thank you for your understanding, Administration.

zooworldfamilyandfriends is a community of really close friends who together started to enjoy zoo world, zoos, photos of nature, animals and events on content management systems. Our administrative support teams are from all over the world. Many of us started our involvement on Facebook. We had one common goal, and that was to help the newcomer. This newcomer would be new to a common facebook application we played and enjoyed our time together playing it, ‘zoo world’. I believe it is our common love for nature ! Well, This branched out to countries all around the world, many needed help with translations so we created a Global Relations Group to ensure that we were able to provide help in any country. Things grew fast, many were helped and started their own groups and pages like we provided. Our first cultural translations groups were established. Many flocked to them helping each other, it was like a dream but touchable. Entering those groups was like looking at music on the walls. Spanish, Malaysian, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Croatian, Serbian, Thai, Filipino, and more. Quickly we covered every continent, and many countries, and so within a few months with admins who gave their free time to help others, there was no place Family & Friends did not touch. We danced together in our group Global Relations many times. Today, we continue that same energy as the very first day. Yes, we also shared many tears, but we also believe many of us came together because we had some time on our hands, be that time from, ( surgery, separation, employment change, health reasons, widowed, displacement, or maybe a few worked at home and was in love with the idea we shared. Whatever the individual case was, now nothing could separate the joy we recieved from helping, greeting, sharing, gifting new friends, and current friends the things we all looked for. Love for a fellow friend is the key.

Website here: http://zooworldfamilyandfriends.com/
Nature web : http://whennaturecalls.zooworldfamilyandfriends.com/

Zoo Master Animal List here : http://www.facebook.com/ZooGiftsEvents/app_197667490251160

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