Gibraltar Photographic Society

History of the Gibraltar Photographic Society

Photography in Gibraltar before the GPS was formed

In 1940 a camera club was formed by a group of Gibraltarians who held their meetings at the now defunct Calpe Institute. This club was never firmly established and more often than not it was closed due to lack of support from both local photographers and those from the Services. The problem was very likely due to the fact that no photographer in Gibraltar had the experience of organising and running successfully a club of this nature.
In 1960, after having run for some months with a very small membership, the club closed, never to re-open. Its assets, about £30, were placed in a suspended account and held by the Committee of the Calpe Institute. Any hopes of re-forming the club were dashed by the closing of the Calpe Institute itself.

During most of this time, the United Services Camera Club based at the Command Education Centre, ran successfully under various names, though with a small membership. The Club was not open to local civilians. This Club was closed in July 1964 by the Command Education Officer as a result of poor administration in the Club’s affairs, and re-opened in October 1964.

Formation of the Gibraltar Photographic Society

In October 1964, a Sergeant K Lloyd of the Middlesex Regiment and member of the United Services Camera Club, and local photographer Mr Albert Pizzarello put on an exhibition at the John Mackintosh Hall with a view of generating interest in the formation of a Service/civilian club. The venture proved successful and that same month a meeting was held at the John Mackintosh Hall with the aim of forming a camera club which would be open to everyone in Gibraltar, including servicemen and UK based civilians. The club was to be called The John Mackintosh Hall Camera Club, and would incorporate the United Services Camera Club. A caretaker Committee was formed and a provisional programme arranged.
In January 1965, the first Annual General Meeting took place and the following officers appointed :

Chairman : - Wing Commander P A Rumbold Scott, RAF
Secretary & A/Chairman - A A Hammon, Esq
Treasurer & A/Secretary - Staff Sergeant C P Berry, RAOC
Syllabus Secretary - A J Pizzarello, Esq
House Member - A Perera, Esq
Committee Members - T Adamberry, Esq
- M M Bonilla, Esq
- Sgt K Lloyd was co-opted to the Committee.

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