Fort St. John Home Based Business And Services

This group is for people with home based businesses and independent consultants such as Partylite, Regal & Tupperware. This "is not" a buy and sell site. Please do not spam this site or you will be removed. Please be respectful of everybody's posts as we are all just trying to get our info out there to the public. Negativity will not be tolerated. Thank you!

Just to let people know, I do view your profile before I add you to this group. It is an open group so it does allow you to add your friends on your own. Lets try to keep the vendors local please. We don't want anybody from over seas or too far away as to keep it fraud free. I'm not perfect, I have accepted the odd request out of curiosity but have also removed some I've suspected were a little hinky. I have also accidentally ignored a request or two because I was trying to view a profile. My apologies to those people for trying to use a smart phone with huge fingers. Lol. Have a great day!