Real Ways To Make Money Online and Offline.

I got sick of all the scams people are buying into online. All the "home business" pyramid schemes.

I got very sick of all the groups/pages named similar to this one that are not made to help you make money. Ones made by people who really do not give a f@@k if you make money, as long as you buy their junk or join their junk and they get paid, that is what matters.

The things I am going to be talking about are not like that, these are real ways you can make money, there will be very few affiliate stuff here, if I find something that is really good and I get paid for telling you then of course I am going to want to make a little, but these will only be things I personally use.

Most things it will be very clear I can be making no money for telling you.

I do not want anything from you in return. I always believe in be good and get good, call it karma or whatever you want, I say what goes around comes around.

If you do make money from the things I talk about (and you will if you do it right) and you want to do something good for a good person you can donate some money to my friend Marie who's husband is very ill and signed of work, getting very little sick pay and very little help from benefits.

Her paypal is

If you do not want to help Marie, at least help someone, I am giving you free help, pass it on, do the good thing.