Exclusive Pumpers South Africa

*Those requesting to join this group, please check your "others" folder in your messages for a message from one of the admins before being approved to join this group. This is for our group members safety and privacy. Thank you*

This group has been started as a support structure for Exclusive Pumpers and mothers who have to pump for baby while working as well as those transitioning from EPing to breast and vice versa. We hope to give the most accurate and truthful advice and information, if you have any issues with the information given or have any issues within the group, please feel free to contact one of the admins. There is a personal blog by the page owner, that you can also join and follow for more help and tips that have the same name.

We are not medical advisors so for any medical or emergency advice, please contact you doctor or health care provider.
For information on getting baby to latch or to help with any breastfeeding difficulties, please refer to the Le Leche League South Africa page.

We are attachment parent based, please do not advise on baby training, CIO or any other form of non-gentle parenting practices.

We are open to suggestions and welcome all new information on pumping, milk increasing tricks and tips and breastmilk.