Welcome to ReptiliaBruneiDarussalam on facebook. A facebook page for Bruneians to share pictures, info, caresheets, tips (and any reptile related matters) for keeping Reptiles.

With the name, ReptiliaBruneiDarussalam this does not mean members are limited to Bruneians only, reptile hobbiests from other countries are welcome to contribute and share with us the joy of keeping these exotic reptiles.

Just like any other page, there are rules to follow or else the page won't be organised and it wouldn't be a healthy environment.

Below are some of the rules and our posting policy for the ReptiliaBruneiDarussalam facebook page.

When ReptiliaBruneiDarussalam is mentioned in this Policy, it is referring to the facebook page. (

By joining ReptiliaBruneiDarussalam, you are bound by the Rules & Posting Policy at any time.

ReptiliaBruneiDarussalam allows members to post any reptile related matters in the form of pictures, info, caresheets, tips, sales, trades & transactions.

Pictures used which are not yours OR are taken from other sites OR links. MUST include the owner's links as to show appreciation or thanks to the photographer/owner).

We do not allow sales of weapons, or anything else that could be used as a weapon including air guns, knives, swords and chemical bombs/smoke bombs. Please respect a moderator's decision if you are told your item is prohibited.

ReptiliaBruneiDarussalam is not responsible for any bad transactions, or any actions of it's members outside this facebook page.

We are not involved in the actual transactions between sellers and buyers. We just merely give you a space for distribution and publication of information about items advertised for sale. As a result, we have no control over and, to the extent permitted by law, make no warranties in relation to the suitability, quality, safety or legality of any items advertised for sale of Reptiles or any other items, the accuracy or truth of any advertising listings are borne by the ability of sellers and buyers to actually research to enforce or complete the transaction.

Anyone choosing to conduct any sort of transaction with another member on ReptiliaBruneiDarussalam does so at their own risk and expense.
As individuals, you need to take responsibility for your own actions, and you need to take responsibility for the fact you are dealing with strangers on the internet. ReptiliaBruneiDarussalam is not a professional Sales service.. and is provided free and without any kind of warranty. We also will not ban people because you claim they ripped you off. Do NOT send the "evidence" as we simply do not have the time, manpower, or will to follow through on your complaints. We have no intention of mediating any disputes.
If you are ripped off, the only thing you can do in ReptiliaBruneiDarussalam is to share it with all the other members here, so they can learn from your mistake.

We do insist that users on the forum are respectful to other members and act in a non confrontational and polite way.

Brunei is a peaceful country, its NOT only Bruneians who will be using this page.
NO personal attacks against another member.
NO swearing on the public parts of the forum, including the use of an * to block out or conceal small parts of a word.

You must not:
- breach any laws or regulations
- breach the Terms
- infringe a third party’s rights (including intellectual property rights and rights of privacy) or misuse another person’s confidential information
- be inappropriate, offensive, obscene, threatening, indecent, menacing, inflammatory, pornographic, defamatory, discriminatory, harassing towards any person or otherwise inhibit others from using or enjoying any of our sites
- be false or misleading;
- impersonate another person (for example, by pretending to be someone else when you submit a Post or register as a member) or use another user’s account without permission;
- identify a person or post something which can be used to identify a person (including any copy, photos or other pictorial representations) unless you have obtained that person’s authority.

Written by: Eddie Hm.