Henderson TX buy/sell/trade

This group is for folks in and near the Henderson, TX area. You are welcome to sell anything you might sell in a garage sale. The complete rules are under a file called rules. In a nutshell: EVERY for sale post must have a price and a pickup area. ISO posts must have a pickup area. You may bump an item every six hours, but no more often. Please delete all sold items or mark them as sold and tag the admins so they can delete them. Please delete all adds that are greater than 30 days old. No multilevel marketing (MLM) items such as Scentsy, Tupperware, It Works, Younique, etc. No business postings One business posting for a local business on Tuesday. Still no MLM marketing allowed ever. Please treat others with courtesy. If you don't like a price, keep scrolling. Do not call someone out on the wall. If you have an issue, please address it in messages or bring it to the attention of the admins and let them handle it. If you want to know why we have the rules we have, please go to files and find the file called FAQs. If you don't find the answer there, ask an admin.

All deals are the responsibility of those making the deal. If you are purchasing an item as "real" or "authentic" then it is your responsibility as the buyer to meet the seller somewhere you can have said item examined. If you are selling something as real or authentic and it is not, you will be banned from the group. Admins are not responsible for stolen merchandise or any sale made. Do your homework. If you are purchasing an electronic, get the serial number and call law enforcement to make certain the item is not stolen. If you are the seller of electronics, do not be surprised when you are asked for the serial number. If the merchandise is not stolen, then there should be no worry over someone running the number.

When meeting someone to buy/sell merchandise, always meet in a public, well lit area. Never carry large sums of money with you. Do not go alone. Make certain you have the person's contact information in case something happens and one of you are running late. Get the cell phone number of the person you are meeting, check profiles, ask for references if you feel the need to. Do everything in your power to stay safe. If you have agreed to meet to exchange money/items, you are bound by your word to be there. No call, no show will get you deleted from the group.

No firearm sales will be allowed.

Please note that most groups in this area are run by a handful of admins. Most of us communicate and agree to ban someone from all groups if they cause trouble on one.

For questions or concerns of any kind, please contact an admin. Admins reserve the right to remove anyone from the group. If you need to locate an admin, go to members and click on the bar to the left and pick the pull down menu that says admins.

Thank you and happy shopping.