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..... .We have been flooded with people from outside who look at America simply in terms of what they can get from it: a job or welfare. They don't tend to indicate that they are driven by a deep and abiding love for this country. And Conservatives are labeled as "haters" for not rolling over and giving them full citizenship. Meanwhile, there are thousands of people in other countries which would certainly cherish this country for its freedom and liberty: the persecuted religious minorities suffering under the rule of the "Religion of Peace". As this is being written, 40,000 a facing pending death on a mountain in Iraq. We would urge that these people be advanced by Conservatives as being worthy of IMMEDIATE refugee status in this country. If this were to happen and they were to become citizens, you can be guaranteed that they will not side with the Democrats / Marxists and their "Religion of Peace" allies at the ballot box. Please join us here: