Henry ford International

DEC 31 . 2013 Henry Ford International college
Kalankisthan, Kathmandu
Subject: To participate in “Military science and technology competition(MSTC-I/2070)” & to get economic help . Dear , CS-IT Department, Honorable sir/ mam , I want to draw your attention to words this letter is that ‘ Nepal army and Robotic association of Nepal is organizing ‘science and technology competition(MSTC-I/2070) ‘ And being a part of Henry ford I want to participate in that competition.
It is well known fact that for such grand programme , to show our talent we have to make some extra technology robot to achieve some goals .For that a single student cannot effort .So I request you to provide economical support for making robot.
Finally I hope positive response from the college towards my request. Thank you .
Sincerely, Santosh Baral.