Oprah Winfrey is a Transformational Leader

Some interpersonal skills that Oprah uses would first be perseverance.  She never let her past hold her back or make her scared of the future.  She forever shines a light on many lives and has left numerous positive impressions in the hearts of others.  One moment that I remember watching on Oprah was when she helped a family suffering from a horrible home life.  Sex, drugs and abuse from both of their parents left a family of 4 children homeless and without anywhere or anyone to go to.  Because Oprah is from Mississippi and so were these children it really hit home for her.  She changed their lives and gave them everything they could ever need.  She provided food, a home, clothes, proper schooling and many other necessities that would launch their new life.  But the most amazing part of this story was she never publicized it.  It wasn't even known to the world until about 7 years later.