Takmeel-e-Pakistan Movement, is the struggle to realize Iqbal's ...dream which we had resolved to fulfill in the shape of Pakistan Resolution, on March 23rd 1940.

We achieved the first part of Iqbal's dream on August 14th 1947 by establishing Pakistan, however the full realization of this dream has now become our necessity. Its the need of the hour because now it is time to bring the change this nation has been craving, and work towards the 'completion' of Pakistan - as Iqbal and Jinnah had envisioned it.

Our mission is to revive Khudi within Iqbal's shaheens, to wake them up and to join hands in reviving the same enthusiasm and fervour that was on display on the historic day of March 23rd 1940. We can do it again.

Pakistan needs us today. This soil which has been enriched with the blood of those who laid down their lives in its defence, needs us today. And by Allah we will not let it down this time.