Citroen Xantia

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Development of Xantia.
1. In the first production year (1993) the double "chevrons" was on the hood. Rear suspension was without third sphere and when the car was parked the tail "dropped" down slowly. The suspension was a litle bit softer than newer models. Third sphere and anti-sink system SC.MAC (Systeme Citroen de Maintien de l'Assiette Constant) came along in the midle of year -93.

2. From 18. of April 1994 was "chevrons" installed to the grille but the car remain in general outline the same. Drivers AirBag became optional.

3. In 1995 was introduced new 16V engines. Drivers airbag became standard equipment and the tyres were increased to 15". Activa with SC.CAR (Systeme Citroen a Controle Actif du Roulis) , Break and 2.1 td was introdused.

4. In 1996 passenger AirBag became optional. Third brake light to the tail gate became standard equipment at third of September. V6 24-Soupapes was introduced.

5. In 1997 special models "Audace", "Tentation" and "Athena" was introduced. These models were the last Xantia models before face lift. Anti-lock brake system (ABS) became standard equipment to all models. Before this ABS was standard equipment only in VSX and Activa models.

6. In 12/1997 was introduced Xantia face lift with new hood, head lights, white/red tail lights, bumpers and dashboard. Also automatic gear box was new. The new Xantia was equiped with automatic windscreen wipers and immobiliser installed in key. Also many other details changed and becource of the new bumpers the car became a litle bit longer than the older model. In February 1998, an independent certification agency in France places the Xantia at the top of its list of most reliable vehicles. In vehicle checks, the Xantia has the lowest percentage of second inspections: 3.21% of the 52,040 Xantias tested (source Citroën).

7. At 27.09.2000 Xantia's successor C5 was introduced in Paris Motor Show. Xantia Break was in production till the start of the year 2001.