kolkata,westbengal,India:- a 22 yr old communist studnt leader sudipto gupta was killed in a party procession on 2nd april,2013 when the state police out of no where illegally attacked them with long heavy sticks(used as weapon by indian police) and beaten him to death intentionally. He war the state commitee member of the studnts federation of india(s.f.i.). The procession's demand was to maintain law and order in the state and to request the state govt. Of mamata bannerjee to restart the college elections, which was stopped by this govt. Earlier. Under Indian jurisdiction it is illegal to kill anyone who is under custody. Eyewitness present there says The police broke his head into 4 pieces while hitting him in the middle of the two eyes, his eye popped out from the socket then and there. He was left there on the road for 3hrs untreated and was not even allowed to be taken to the hospital by other comrades present there. The postmortem report is in favour of the victims.The new govt. Is a facist. The head of the state,mamata bannerjee and her police is denying every allegation against them and calling this to be an unfortunate accident. That the boy might have fallen from a bus which participated in the procession and hit his head on a road side lamp post.which is an absolute lie.