This is a page dedicated to all of the people who have ever lived in Rota,Spain. Anyone who has ever lived there, no matter what year it was, knows what a magical place it is. Once you've lived there and leave you will never be the same.
For those of you who do not know anything about Rota, well it's a beautiful little fishing village located on the southern most tip of Spain across the bay from Cadiz. It's in the region of Andalucia. The approx population is 27,000 people. There is a U.S./Spanish military base that has been there since the 50's and so it's a place full of Americans too. Rota has some of Europe's most beautiful beaches too.
So folks if you've ever lived in Rota then come here and talk about your experiences with others who lived there too and meet new people or meet up with people you used to know. Share your experiences with the people that are interested in coming to Rota. Either way feel free to post pics of the old times the new times and have fun. If you do post pics please keep them related to Rota. Thanks. NO ADVERTISING OR LINKS ALLOWED IN HERE. IF YOU POST THEM YOU WILL GIVEN A FAIR WARNING THEN BANNED IF YOU DO IT A SECOND TIME. THANKS FOR YOUR COOPERATION. La publicidad no esta permitida aquí.