HM Queen Elizabeth II is a legend

HM Queen Elizabeth II is definitely a legend. Not only has she been Queen for an astonishingly long time (and lets face it being the monarch automatically makes you somewhat respected) but she has been the most polite person ever, even in the face of incompetent, immoral and abrasive politicians with which she has to deal with.

She came to the throne in 1952. She is Head of State (and thus ruler) of not just the United Kingdom, and the 14 British Dependencies, but also Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the Commonwealth of sensible nations that all appreciate how truly great she is. Since then she has seen 10 different Prime Ministers! Including the great Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher.

She is unrivalled the world over for her cool, calm, and wise nature. OK maybe the Thai King is also pretty good. But he only gets to rule Thailand.

Long Live the Queen.