Johnny Walker

God chose you before the foundation of the world because you are valuable to Him. He chose you because He knows your worth, and He’s not willing to let you perish! The other day, I was thinking about this, and I came up with an analogy. I was thinking about my relationship with my husband and how much I love him. I think he’s so awesome. When I think about all of his great qualities: his integrity, his honesty, and his heart to serve God, I realize, “Wow! I must be pretty special that he chose me for His wife.” I think, “He could have chosen anyone, but he chose me!” How much more special are you because God has chosen you!? He looked down through the portals of time and said, “I want you! I want you because I love you and want you to represent Me and be the light of the world.” He wants you to shine with His love like a young bride shines when she thinks of her husband. So many times we act like a dimmer switch that dims a light, and we dim ourselves because of other people. We dim ourselves because someone doesn’t recognize our work. Maybe you didn’t get that promotion. Maybe someone didn’t treat you fairly. Maybe a friend left you. Those things hurt! They can make you feel badly or like something is wrong with you. But Jesus said, “You’re the light of the world because I placed My value on you!” Your circumstances don’t dictate the brightness of your light. People’s opinions don’t determine the brightness of your light. You’re bright because you are valuable to God, and your value in God never changes! Sometimes we go through tough times and think it’s our fault. “Why did I make that choice? Why did do I that?” We put the blame on ourselves and dim ourselves down. But God said “You’re of great worth! I am taking you through this difficulty, but I need you to shine.” Think about this: If you walk into a dark room, you can’t even see your hand in front of your face. But when you turn on the light, you have vision and can see. Light makes it possible for you to have vision! So when you are going through a difficult time, when it looks like things are falling apart, don’t dim yourself down because you won’t be able to see! Remember, we don’t shine because of what people say and do. We shine because God sees us as valuable. Put your shoulders back and hold your head up high. Stand strong in faith and shine because you are wanted, and that never changes! “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” (Jeremiah 1:5,