Rabbits and guinea pigs advice and for sale in cornwall

This site is for all things bunny and guinea piggish! for selling buying a bit of advice and chat about our lovely pets!
please advertise this site on all the sites your on im sure there are lots more people with rabbits etc out there!! happy buyin selling rescuing!
but can everyone make sure with every rehoming that its going to be a forever home :)
we will have no bitchy comments,bullying,

no kits under 8 weeks of age to leave mum on this site,,

also please can we have no pics of kits without eyes open out of the nest as have had 7 pms from people saying they are uncomfortable with seeing this, in the nest pictures are fine ,

this is a site for all things bunny and piggy and we want to keep it that way , anyone who cant handle these rules and break them will be blocked, if you feel these rules do not suit please feel free to remove yourself