JOCO'S Brand New 4U, is a group for selling NEW items ONLY PLEASE. Seller's items do not have to be with the original box. If you say it's NEW we are taking your word for it, no questions asked! It is up to the buyer to
determine the items state at time of purchase. Please be honest about items you're selling. You're only allowed to have 4 single pictures on the group wall at one given time, with the exception of Marcia Simmons, which will be posting single pictures from her pallets. If you need to post more then 4 single pictures please make an album. Only bump your album once in a 24 hour period. And only bump 4 single pics within a 24 hour period. Once your item sells please delete your picture! And please let's keep it DRAMA FREE!!! Also if someone comments on a post that puts them 1st in line for the item being sold. Being tagged DOES NOT put you in line. When placing a hold it is for 12 hours only, then the seller may go to the next person in line, unless seller decides to wait longer. If you're that interested you will make arrangements for pick up soon! Also please put a price on your items no MAKE OFFER!!!!