Welcome to the Jamaican antics group where you can meet new friends and bill ah vybz when your bored

The rules of the group are
1. No Gays
2. No Freaks
3. No Porn videos or Porn photos
4. No Nude photos
5. No Disrespecting of fellow group members
6. No posting of phone numbers, No what's app post, bbm etc.. if you wah fi do that join a group name (what's app mi seh)
7. If you see ah post that irritates you from once your name isn't in it and it doh violate the group rules please ignored the post and doh take it personal and then start looking for trouble
8. No advertising of other groups, pages, are things on sale without and admin permission
9. All members are equal inna the group
10. doh complain to an admin for something you know you shouldn post from the beginning when it get delete

Group warning
........If ah gay post been spotted it will be deleted and the person will be banned by an admin
...... if a nude photo, porn videos, porn photos been spotted the person will be warned by an admin if he/she continue posting nudes etc,
he/she will be banned by an admin
..... No sucking business in yah. some people just loose only thing them do a run people from groups

Group info
This group is about Jokes, Confession, Riddles, Mix up, Constructive topics, Sex topics, relationship talk, Questions Quiz.. Most off all just meet new friends and work with the vybz

Group Notice
..........If a member of this group been banned for violating a group rules
only way he/she can get back innathe group is if ah friend of he/she make a post asking for 50 likes to get back the person who got removed.. if the person gets the 50 likes his/her friend will be added back to the group by an admin
.........if you dont like a post dont report to facebook. just report to an admin and make him/her delete it.. anybady report a post/photo of this group to facebook will be banned from the group.. it nuh mek sense you report a post and still in the group

Hope ya'll enjoy the group to the fullest and make sure to add all of your friends to it #Doh_mek_haterz_bruk_your_vybz *Sign Admin*