Bengal Newbies (and Mentors)

Bringing Newbies & Mentors together!!! NEWBIE OR MENTOR, WE ALL LEARN SOMETHING NEW EVERY DAY!

This group was created for "newbie" Bengal Breeders & seasoned breeders who are willing to answer questions. However, all are welcome here. Our golden rule is: "No question is a stupid question"

We here on this group feel that bettering the Bengal breed is very important. Not only can that be done within one's cattery but also by communication and spreading information. When we inform newbies we are helping our breed!

We do have a few rules in order for newbies & mentors to communicate smoothly:

1!! NO bashing other breeders! Remember the group's golden rule above! If you are a "seasoned" breeder and do not wish to mentor, answer questions or feel it is important to help newbies then THIS IS NOT THE GROUP FOR YOU!
-Any posts that are considered rude or inappropriate by administration will be removed promptly without warning.

2. This group is strictly for asking and answering questions and general conversation geared to HELP newbies. No advertising, No sharing (sharing for the sole purpose of learning or teaching is fine)! Advertisements and sharing will be removed without warning.

3. Pictures that are permitted are ones that display a breed standard Bengal! Remember this group is to help newbies and when you post a photo to this group you are being an ambassador for the breed! Any photos that are for advertising purposes will be promptly removed without warning! (Variations of Charcoals & EG's are permitted)

*New* we have added albums that display different asspects of the Bengal breed's type and coloration/ pattern. Feel free to add photos to the appropriate album if you feel it will be helpful for newbies to see exactly what we are referring to when we talk about specific traits. both breed standard & fault pictures are permited so that people can see the differences. Please *put a caption on your photo* that is informative about the cat in the photo and the good or bad trait so that newbies can read as well as see in order to learn!