Bury freebies


. All post must state weather an item is being drawn or 1st come 1st served
.please can all members just comment with ME PLEASE or CAN I BE CONSIDERED PLEASE so there is no sob story's etc making the offerer feel guilty
. For every item taken please try to put 1 back on
. Thank you post should ALWAYS be put on if taking for u or a friend
. No personal detail like phone numbers,address to be put on the ads
. All ads to state locations
. No inboxing a member until an item is given to u
. Can all members try to collect items when arranged
. Only take 4 items per 7 day period (unless the site is busy admin will post u can take more )
. If u fail to turn up for an item then u will receive a 2 day ban if this happens 2 times ur out
.if ur rude of abusive on a post or inbox its a instant removal
. If u take an item for a friend it's classed as one of ur 4 items
. Please inbox Jen jay jones, Emma Clavering or Dianne Ratcliffe with any problems do not post to the group as it starts arguements
. if a post don't state a delivery option please don't ask for it to be delivered although if it can be delivered please try to offer for fuel
.please can all members delete posts when its gone if u can't please write ADMIN DELETE
. No pets/animals/livestock to be advertised
. No buisness post or links to other groups to be posted
. Anybody giving any stolen items away will be reported to the police
. Please state if adversitied in another group