The Gambia Project Jersey selling page

Our project is all about trying to help and support the lovely people of The Gambia, from the very young to thier elders, those who can't work and those who are trying hard to support themselves and thier families many of whom need a little support every now and then.
Gambia is one of the most lovely, friendly places and its known as The Smiling Coast :-)
We have opened this page as another form of fundraising as well as our carboot sales, cake sales and jewellery sales/gold collections, the more we raise the more families we can help either by including them in the rice runs or by funding a child through school or simply by buying the school more equipment to provide towards a better education for all. we will be adding to this page over the next few weeks to sell some of the items that have been donated to us so far, we are also always looking to collect more items to sell as well as football shirts, bras, and broken/scrap gold.
May this good work continue!