Guinea Pig Lovers' Buying and Selling Section

This is where GPL (Guinea Pig Lovers) friends can post their advertisements whether swapping, buying or selling but ONLY and STRICTLY all about guinea pigs and guinea pig essentials are allowed to be advertised in this group provided they are posted without conflicts with other members' interests especially about pricing. GPL does not support under nor overpricing.

All posts that are not related to guinea pigs and topics raised with no intention to buy nor sell especially hate speech will automatically be deleted to avoid spamming and flooding.

Let us keep this page spam, scam and hassle free.

Let us all practice professionalism and give mutual respect to one another.

The Guinea Pig Lovers (GPL) group nor any admin or member of the said group is not and will not be held responsible and liable for any transaction mishaps that might transpire between any seller and buyer in this page. So spend wisely!

Happy guinea pig shopping! :)