Cherry Mobile Omega Spectrum (Mod Section)

Welcome to Cherry Mobile Omega Spectrum (Mod Section) Group!

This Group was created for our Cherry Mobile Omega Spectrum(CMOS) phone maximum potentials.

Specs of the Cherry Mobile Omega Spectrum
(Retail Price: P4,999):
Dual SIM
1.2GHz quad-core Broadcom 23550 chipset
VideoCore IV GPU
4GB internal storage
microSD card slot (up to 32GB)
5-inch IPS display with Dragontrail glass (720 x 1,280 resolution)
8-megapixel rear camera with LED flash
2-megapixel front camera
2,000mAh battery
Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 / Android Kit Kat 4.4.2

Rules of the Group:

-No Flaming, No Spamming & No Scamming.

-Respect everyone, No exceptions.

-Peace will be observed in this Group, any disturbance will grant you a warning or Admins will be remove(KICK) to this Group.

-No Backstabbing. This backstabbing will not be tolerated and will result a fast termination presence to this Group.

-Questions should be posted at the thread of the SUBJECT or if it is a new question, it should be posted at the QUESTION and ANSWER thread. Otherwise, it will be deleted.

-Search first before tagging Admins. Don't tag or pm Admins or any devs from this Group and Vandroid Group if your cases is not too big. Search first before asking us please.

-No Dummy(Fake Accounts). We are screening all the members, No Dummy or Fake Accounts are allowed here(NOT ALLOWED) in this Group.

-Fishing is strictly prohibited(No Leeching for other Groups)

-Post and Credit please. Credit the devs/makers of any posts that you will make that is only copied, either from XDA, SJ5 VANDROID GROUP, Symbianize or wherever. (post only own materials when it is your own)

-Use English, Tagalog language. Posting Memes languages will marked as spam. Ensure that everyone will understand your post description.

-ROMS/DEVS are not for sale. They are free and shared by the modders and it's a Open Source Software (refund who purchased)

-No hate speech, No bad language. This includes tagging or name calling, bad mouthing & trash talk kung ano-ano man.



Cherry Mobile Omega Spectrum (Mod Section)! =)