Hebrew University of Jerusalem - One Year Program 1990 - 1991

Jerusalem, ulpan, Tel Aviv, shuk, the first Gluf War, Ziva, The One Year Party, Kuwait, Iraq, gas masks, bomb shelters, scuds, air raid sirens, Patriots, Rothberg School, Egypt, pyramids, bakshish, hubbly bubbly, Cairo, Luxor, trains, busses, ships, the Western Wall, the hiking club, the Old City, Greece, road trips, Dahab, Jeff Sidel, the Hyatt, Machaneh Yehuda, Paris, El Al, CNN, cockroaches, Shabbat, the century club, making food in the dorms at all hours, making friends from all over the world, getting great grades with little studying, Ben Yehuda Street, Shwarma, dancing, drinking, garanim, parties, French Hill, Eged, the quad... one of the best times of your life!