The House Whisperer - Staffordshire

A group for selling household goods and Adult Clothing within Staffordshire.
Not for Child / Baby related items.
Rules are please ensure that you clearly describe the condition of the item you are selling, the selling price and where you are, also state if it is advertised elsewhere, please ensure first to COMMENT in person (not message) get's first refusal, giving at least 1 hour to respond. Admin unfortunately cannot assist with complaints if the selling is done through private message as we do not know if it was sold through this group.
Due to the nature of the page, questions may be advised before you commit, however please always respond with a yes or no to allow the seller to find another buyer.
Please be aware that it is your own responsibility when buying and selling ELECTRICAL items to ensure that they are in full working order and most importantly safety checked.
Please refrain from selling cigarettes, alcohol, replica items, Avon and animals.
Any posts deemed to be inappropriate will be removed by admin.
Please don't use the page for advertising another group unless otherwise approved.
We hold a 3 strike policy therefore please only confirm to purchase items where you are 100% committed. The list is not endless, no shows, poorly described items (eg described as new but clearly not), negative comments on the page rather than a complaint raised to a member of the admin team, Louise Booth, Louise Barker or Andrea Birks, or anything deemed as inappropriate behaviour.
Please delete your post once the item /items have been collected / delivered!
Happy and Safe shopping x