Jersey shore Cheapcycle

Welcome all new members..
Glad to have you a part of this GREAT group! PLEASE take a moment and READ!!

Please add ALL of your local friends and family!! More members means more great stuff to shop for..and more buyers to view your items!! Thanks!

*****FIRST and formost*****
Item(s) posted or requested MUST cost $50 OR LESS! (no exceptions..such posts will be deleted.)

Let me repeat that...


I cannot stress this enough. Makes a BIG difference whether or not someone might be interested. (Some people may not be willing to drive 50 miles round trip for a $3 item and NO..."Give me your best offers, highest price gets it"...This is NOT a auction group. :)
~If you do not want to give general location of where you live...please post a local public place you are willing to meet at.~

*PLEASE be prepared to post a picture if selling an Item.
Pictures go a LONG way. Whether posting to the group...or sending a picture if requested through a private message. If you have multiple items to post pictures for..PLEASE.. try to make a keeps the thread neater...and possible buyers can see ALL of the items you are selling by clicking through..making YOU more profit..and helping you get rid of more items in ONE sale.... (If you are on a mobile connection and want to make a album..let me know and I'll help)

*First person to post "interested" has first dibs.

*Once a person has indicated a interest in your item/services...please give them at least 24 hours to respond again for pick-up. (I know we all want to get rid of our items...but sometimes members cannot be on more often than that.)

*Once initial pick-up arrangements have been made..please mark the item "pending" sale.

*If listed on more than one group, PLEASE remember to post "pending on another group" HERE too. We all want to be fair.

*Once a item has been sold...remove the post as soon as possible! (If you need help doing this...let me know)

*If someone is posting a "ISO" ad, do not respond asking MORE than $50 for your item..even if responding in private.....keep in mind that the goal here is to keep costs down!

*If posting SERVICES OFFERED...please post WHAT $50 includes...and remember..TOTAL sale for services rendered can NOT exceed $50!

***NO drop-side cribs can be posted...whether for sale or for free.....NO exceptions! They are now illegal to re-sell in the United States!***

*** NO!!..... DRAMA!!!***
We are ALL adults here...please act like one and be respectful to everyone else!
If you cannot conduct yourself in such a way...I will not hesitate to remove you from the group..

Thank you.. and have a GREAT day!

Happy Cheapcycling!