Bangor Freebay

This is not a selling site. Items are for FREE!! Please feel free to post any items you want to give away for free. As the saying goes: One mans rubbish is another mans treasure. Happy recycling :-)

Do not give personal details on your it via inbox messaging

Local charity events or local events are acceptable. Its your group for Bangor or surrounding areas

Lost and Found pets also acceptable but no animals for free please

F.O.P is Fair Offer Policy. If there is a lot of interest in an item the person who posts may want to use is entirley at their discression. (names will be picked out of a hat)

This is a recycling site for all, not for the needy or less advantaged. Everyone has a right to free items so no sob stories please!!!

and manners are also free! Please let the person know if you are unable to pick up as arranged. Its the most commom bug bear on these sites.

Thank you