Communist David Nordstrom for President

Communist Party Platform

The Communist Party believes in equality for all. The differences between people, whether they are race, wealth, or religion, do not matter. Everyone should work together in order to create a harmonious society. One of the greatest issues today that we would like to eradicate involves economic reform. Our economy can be much more successful if we make the correct changes. We believe that our economic issues can be solved by:
• The abolishment of social classes. These classes cause divisions among society and are detrimental to the economy.
• Letting everyone choose the occupation they want. Children that are born into a family of a lesser income should have the right to pursue any career they would like. The government will give all citizens the opportunity to receive an education. For example, if a child’s parents are both teachers, the child should have the right to pursue another type of profession that is higher, such as a medical degree.
• Stop our dependency on the help of other nations. We will not borrow money from other countries. Gradually, we will cut funds that are no longer needed for our type of government. We will use this money to repay our debts.
Another belief we support is antiviolence. We are antiwar and are advocates of peace. Violence inhibits the productivity of society. In many cases where violence is involved, progress is not made. When there is tension in society, the strength of our nation is at risk. People must work out their issues peacefully and work to create a harmonious nation. Our beliefs regarding violence call for:
• An end to the death penalty. By responding to violence with more violence, this tactic is unsuccessful and unjust. We are still supportive of disciplining criminals, but we do not believe that the death penalty is the right response.
• An antiwar policy. When wars are fought, people do not listen to the views of the other side. We would rather compromise than fight. If we fight and lose, the safety of the country is at risk. Though we may not gain everything we want when we compromise, we will not lose everything.
Because the Communist Party strongly believes in equality for all, we fight against racism, sexism, and oppression. We do not tolerate discrimination and fully support gay marriage. Favoritism to a certain race, sex, or sexual orientation is unjust and must be eradicated. All people should be able to live their lives to the fullest, no matter what personal characteristics or differences they have. We believe that:
• Everyone should have equal benefits. This includes health care, Social Security, and schooling. All people are equal and should have equal opportunities. The general welfare and the education of all citizens are essential.
• Anyone who wants to pursue a higher education has the opportunity to do so, regardless of sex or race, etc. The individual should pay for as much of the cost as financially possible and the government will cover the rest.
Another ideal that the Community Party holds is immigrant rights. We support everyone who wants to come to America. Instead of punishing illegal immigrants, we’re going to create a system to have them come forward and become legal citizens. We want them to become a part of our society, and we will not inflict any punishment on them for coming forward. As Communists, we believe that everyone should be guaranteed a job or should receive unemployment payments. All citizens who are searching for a job should be given help by the government. Our goal is to provide everyone with a job, but until that happens we will administer unemployment payments. We are against the U.S. government’s support of dictatorial nations because of our main goal of equality for all. Governments that are strictly dictatorial should not have an influence on our nation. We want all citizens to see each other as equals. The struggle for power has caused the downfall of our economy and Communism is the only government that can eradicate our problems. Our party is pro-choice. We think that abortion is a personal choice that should not be influenced by politics. We support those who choose to get an abortion as well as those who choose not to get an abortion. In addition to our desire to work together harmoniously, we want to create a more harmonious environment. The industrial changes that are made will have to develop over a period of time, but the change will be overall beneficial. When we improve our surroundings, our nation will continue to prosper and improve as well.