Hello NYC Producers & Talent Agents: I set up this site for NYC Actors, and for you to Post Auditions for FREE on this page, so that Actors can Respond to the Auditions for FREE and not have to pay for Casting Lists. NOTE: New Actors, if someone is asking you for MONEY to be IN their movie, or asking for money up front to Manage them before you get any gigs or get paid for gigs…then it is a SCAM. Also, there is NO NEED to spend thousands OF $ on Headshots. If you have any questions you can Ask on this page. However it IS NORMAL for you to NOT GET PAID for various Independent Projects with NO Budget, but it will help you build your resume. Other Projects that do have a BUDGER, YOU WILL get paid, OR it may be a Deferred Pay, it depends on the Project. NOTE TO ALL: AMETHYST VALENTINO IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY WRONG DOINGS, OR SCAMS THAT YOU MAY RUN INTO AS A RESULT OF THIS WEB PAGE: I ALSO DO NOT MONITOR ANYONE ON THIS FACEBOOK WEBPAGE. THIS IS MADE TO JOIN ACTORS AND PRODUCRS / AGENTS TO FIND TALENT FOR THEIR PROJECTS. NOTE: THIS SITE IS ONLY FOR G TO R RATED FILMS AND OR PRODUCTIONS. SO IF YOU TRY TO GET ON THIS SITE AND YOU HAVE ½ YOUR CLOTHES ON IN THE PICS… THIS IS NOT THE SITE FOR YOU AND YOU WILL NOT BE MY FRIEND….AND YOU WILL BE DELETED. I DO NOT MAKE ANY MONEY FOR JOINING ACTORS WITH PRODUCERS, HOWEVER, I AM HELPING TO CAST SEVERAL FILMS. GOOD LUCK AND PLEASE, IF YOU ARE NEW TO ACTING: MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A 2 MINUTE MONOLUGUE THAT YOU HAVE DOWN, SO IN CASE YOU GET ASKED TO AUDITION, YOU WILL BE PREPARED. I AM ALSO AN ACTRESS AND I KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO GET STARTED IN THE BIZ. GOOD LUCK!