Mr. American Samoa

Part of Miss SOFIAS 2014-2015 platform project, with the help of Blue Sky Communications, Ahoia Photography, and the American Samoa Kidney group. This event is called Mr. American Samoa with hopes to be held as a annual event to promote kidney health in our community. As Mr. American Samoa, the winner will portray a idealistic fit individual with knowledge to provide health fitness programs and demonstrate fitness training exercises to promote a healthy living lifestyle. In addition to the above mentioned role, the winner will also work hand in hand with Miss SOFIAS in coordinating health programs to help fight non-communicable diseases in which, in most cases, the number one causes of kidney failure.

The Contest is a way to empower the young men or youth of American Samoa to strive for the best and be ambassadors and advocates of Kidney Health, as it is becoming a rapid growing disease amongst our people. All contestants are guarantee a spread in the upcoming 2015 calendar in which you will become a idolize individual to promote and stand to fight against chronic kidney disease.

Each contestant will be given the opportunity to explore and shadow a dialysis nurse and patient for a day, this experience will give them a chance to see what is like to live with kidney failure or kidney disease . From this experience, the contestant will share his knowledge during the interview section of the contest to the public and audience, why it is important to stay fit and healthy. This experience will make you, the contestant, an advocate of kidney health.