Higgi/kamuye Assiciation of Nigeria

Always tailor your comments and discussion to "Dabeghi Nje Denama" (Unity is Strength)


After a wider consultations and contributions by the eminent members of this forum the following Guidelines was adopted:

The following post should be avoided
1. Religious post and its kind.
2. Promoting one’s own Political views
3. Use of Abusive language or coarse words
4. Inciting words or comments
5. Any Post or Comments that is against the collective interest of Kamwe people
6. Words that are disrespectful

The following should guide our post and comments
1. Love and tolerance
2. Respect for one another
3. Inspiration, Development and passion for Unity
All issues on Politics, Religion, Ethnicity and things that will breed any disunity in this Group will not be entertained and would be expunged.
Above all, we call on all the Members of this Great forum to forgive each other for the past offences and misunderstandings. This is a social Media; it should be used as an instrument for fostering Unity and good Relationship among us. We all may need each other someday therefore lets us remain united as one indivisible entity.

As the need arises we shall still add or review some guidelines. Any suggestion should be channeled to Deacon Clifford Zirra.