North Chesterfield Lil Bit of This & That Classifieds

Welcome to My Group: North Chesterfield Lil Bit of This & That Classifieds. I wanted to open a group and have a place where North Chesterfield Folks and other surrounding counties close by can Buy Sell & Trade and have Fun....NO DRAMA PLEASE! So come join my group and have fun buying, selling & trading which ever you would like to do or all :)

OWNER: Carolyn A. Coates

ADMINS: Kathy Hanvey


If you have more then 2 items please place them in an album titled your name.Also please put item information and a price on your post. Discuss meeting places through a private message. (Safety Reasons) Once your items sell, please delete them from the album so avoid a lot of clutter. To see items for sell go to albums and you can click on each album and see what others have for sale.

All sales are final unless otherwise stated by the seller! I am not responsible for anything broken or damaged, that is between you and the seller only!!

Please do not relist or bump the same item until 24 hours have passed.

Please: NO GUNS FOR SALE! This is a rule of Facebook, not mine.

You must be 18 years or older to sell or have permission from an adult. Use your BEST judgement when meeting your buyers! I have no responsibility for what happens outside of this site.

If you have any issues or problems with sellers or buyers, please let me know. I know there have been a lot of rip offs and other issues going on, so let's be honest with others and have fun!

Any questions, feel free to contact me or an Admin.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy the group. Now join and list your items so this group can get started :)