Real Housewives of Quantico and the Military life

Please feel free to ask any questions, vent about your bad day, share exciting news,bring a good debate,need a helping hand, share funny stores or any stories.Do a survey of the day, Talk about whats going on in this cra cra world. Wanna get together for coffee or drinks, Walks N talks~ Whatever~All goes here. Just a fun, carefree, funny, edgy, crazy good time where we can all come together and share our days with each other or things that are on our minds or topics in the news. Whatever Just a way for us all to come together ~

**As you can see , I have changed the name. I wanted to reach out to more then Quantico, But other friends we may have that are not stationed here and may be stationed where you are PCS'ing, etc. Just a common ground where no matter where we are stationed or branch. We can invite our other military friends who have our common life style~

Live ~ Laugh ~ Love