• Intelligent Lebo Humour •

• Intelligent Lebo Humour •

ILH has been created so we can all have a laugh and unwind after a long day.
This group is for anyone to join regardless of their race, background or religion.

For this page to work I do ask if we can all follow a few very simple rules.

1. Don't come here and purposely cause drama.
ANY posts uploaded intentionally to target or attack anyone will be deleted and the person automatically banned.

2. No political or religious preaching.
No one is to force religion down anyone's throat. We all have our beliefs so please respect one another.

3. No selling or advertising (unless approved by admin)
if you need to sell something then use gumtree, eBay or your own Fb page.

4. No swearing or disrespecting each other.
If you feel you are being targeted then screenshot the conversation and send it to an admin.

5. Absolutely no degrading, nude or pornographic images.
Your images will be deleted and you will be banned.

Thank you and enjoy :)