Concerned Citizens Of Centerton, AR

This group is dedicated to giving a voice to concerned citizens of Centerton, AR. This is not a sales site, please do not post items for sale on this page or they will be removed.

This group was formed so that the residents of Centerton could have a site to stay connected with other residents, discuss ideas/issues/concerns that they see in their community, and stay up to date on current events in the City. Because the site is growing, we need to understand that the more people that join, the more differing opinions will most likely arise on the site. I am asking everyone to be respectful of others opinions – this site is not a site to allow members to fight, argue, or insult other members. People can debate in a respectful manner and state opinions without being disrespectful. If someone starts being disrespectful or starts instigating arguments, you will be removed from the group. Let’s all work together to make our great city an even better place to live!