Epilepsy motherwell

Life Story
www.epilepsy-advice.com Hi my name is Lee, unfortunately my health has been very poor since the age of eleven in 1982 where after much medication along with many EEG and MRI plus Cat scans it was confirmed that there was experience to me of nightly epilepsy by Aston University. In Birmingham and London as more went on suddenly on reaching 17 after collapsing at class it was stated that grand Mal epilepsy was unexpectedly being experienced whilst in Stafford College of England. Studying everything went on about my health and at the age of twenty after electrodes having been inserted into my scull the reason was found to confirm it was explained about the form to destruction from the illness.
More drama appeared because in 1992 another form of surgery came this time it was major brain surgery where around curing me there was also a chance of paralyzing me down the left side of my body if the operation went wrong at Denmark Hill in hospital. Well after the surgery there was no extra troubles but at the same time no success for my health at the hospital in London. As the times came and went along through more tests and more tablets the shocks got more confusing when in 2001 aged thirty it was brain surgery again now to become unexpectedly awake due to the rare form to which has come along to me whilst more different studies were made the shocks were experienced again when I was the seventeenth person to undergo brain surgery in Great Britain.
Suddenly offers now unexpectedly arrived for more when in 2007 more surgery was to be done which totally erased auras from my stomach plus reducing the strength of the seizures making my daily times much pleasantly relaxed and psychologically enabling me to concentrate around my life. Today there are many improvements now not experiencing any auras in my stomach and also having many less in amount plus form and severity called Non-Epileptic and normal seizures around my life.
Hopefully with health and around disabilities and if there is any way that you could find anything in financial charity to offer people who suffer with neurological problems such as epilepsy it would be of major achievement and benefit to support the people in hospitals plus the N.H.S and other medical services around the world.