We are a newly formed Philadelphia Eagles group. We have been on other Eagles groups and found that the rules were either ridiculous or unfair. We all love to talk about the Eagles, and we're all passionate about them as well. We have only a few group rules, but those rules will be strictly followed. Here are our rules:

1. We want you to be passionate. But don't disrespect a person's family (Wife/Husband, children etc.)
2. Try to avoid attacking a person on a personal level. If you have a problem with another person's beliefs/posts, that's fine. Disagreements are bound to happen. But, stay on the topic at hand. Don't involve a person's personal matters (Job, Family, Friends, Location etc.)
3. Cursing/swearing is allowed in the group. Try to minimalize the name calling, if possible. We know disagreements can get heated, and tensions fly highly. Just don't go over board.
4.Just enjoy the group. Post as often as you'd like. Get into debates with other fans. Show your Eagles knowledge to everyone as often as you can. But follow our SIMPLE rules, or else we will be forced to kick you from the group.