Nepal - Beautiful country in the World

"Nepal" is most beautiful place in world.. Nature is gift of god.. Very friendly people and many cast and culture even it is very small country. If you visit once you ill more. Its is unknown about its beauty due to lack of publicity in the world. I love Nepal and its amazing beauty.Spectacular geography. Innocent, cultural, brave, intelligent people are the resident of this country. Never the less was very famous during the hippi culture as the kingdom of nepal, though the monarchy is now almost demolished. It can be said as the tourist hub>>>people who enjoy hiking, traveling, mountains, hills, everything they want abt nature is available in this country. Mount Everest: the highest peak of the world is its attraction, gautam buddha was also thje citizen of Nepal. Even the world's third mountain peak is also in nepal. Whatever things you want to tell after visiting nepal is incomplete cause its beauty can even not be explained in 1 word tremendous. And also the organic tripping things :P wo they are just amazing, Mushrooms, weed, HUHU potatoes, pickels, HAsh, they are just best part of this place.Nepal is the land of Himalayas, land of Mt Everest, birthplace of Buddha, There are more than 103 ethnic groups found in this very small area which you will never find anywhere else in the world. It has a very good temperature. No one ever needs Air condition to survive. Neither too hot nor too cold, very pleasant climate every time. Wild life, dense tropical forests are available here. More than 95 unique languages are spoken here, diverse culture, everyday any one of the ethnic groups have festival. You will find plains without any hills, hilly area to world's highest mountains in this small area of the country? Will you ever find such a huge diversity in such a very small country anywhere else in the world?