Storage Wars ~ Fort Frances


1. When posting items for auction, please post a starting bid, an ending time, bidding increments, and ALL SELLERS MUST POST WHERE THEY ARE LOCATED (if travel arrangements have to be made to pick up items or if you will deliver from out of town would help too).

2. The last bid (and highest) to come in before the end time is the winner! (eg. Auction end time is posted at 10pm, the last bid (and highest) to come in at 9:59pm would be the winner)

3. You are only to have a maximum of 10 auctions lsited at one time to allow space for others to post and also keep up properly with all auctions (it is a lot of work before and after an auction is listed) of Jan 10, 2012

4. The increments that a seller puts in their auction rules is merely a minimum amount you have to increase the bids by, not a maximum. A bidder can raise the bid by any amount they would like as long as the minimum increment amount is being met.

5. Pictures and a description need to be included with each listed item.

6. Once an auction item is over, the item needs to be removed within 24 hours. (or admin will remove the item)

7. It is up to the seller to contact the buyer and make arrangements for payment and pickup, as soon as possible after an auction has ended.

8. Once an item has been listed for auction, it can not be removed if there is an active bid on the item. Likewise, any bids on items cannot be removed after posted as this is not fair to others bidding on items because it puts price up. Please be sure you want to bid before you bid.

9. If items go without payment or pickup they can be reposted for another auction, or the seller can offer the item to the next highest bidder. *Non-paying bidders will be reported to admin and can be removed from the group.*

10. If you can not follow the rules you will be removed from the group.

11. Admins are here to monitor the group and make sure things are kept fair. Admins reserve the right to delete any post that is not following group rules, or any posts from people who have been deleted from group.

12. Issues and complaints can be sent to me via private message.

13. Remember, this is a place for people to have fun selling their items and people to have fun bidding.

14. Keep things respectful and clean! This is an all ages group!

15. An auction can only be listed with a maximum 48hour time limit. This is in order to keep things moving and the page clear of old items.

16. Children under the age of 18 are not permitted in Storage Wars Fort Frances! Any children under 18 will be removed from the group.

17. End times on auction cannot be changed/adjusted/extended once there is live bids for that item. (Only exeption to this will be if the aution was mistakenly listed for over 48 hours, change end time to reflect the 48 hour rule)

18. An item listed on Storage Wars - Fort Frances can not be listed to be sold anywhere else until the auction is over.

19. Storage Wars - Fort Frances is only for auction items. Please do not post want ads, regular for sale items or advertisements.

**If you have a problem/complaint please message the admins: Jody Maguire, Laureen Peters, Kyleigh Jonelle, and Kirsty Sinclair. **