(Timperley/altrincham) for sale or swap


* Please only post the same item ONCE every 2 days to give everybody a chance to sell on here, this includes BUMPING!!!!

*Please BUMP your items instead of trying to re list them, as well as taking up a lot of admins time, this also takes up space on the page. To bump items simply scroll down the page, find your item and put a 'B' in the comments box, this will move your post to the top of the page!!

* Also no pets, party planners ,online jobs, direct selling vacancies, business advertising, weapons, links to other sites, (unless it is a page link to personal items you are selling on the group!!) or eBay bids.

*Can we ask ALL our members to please put a SET PRICE on their item/items as well as a DESCRIPTION and LOCATION .

* If selling a few things PLEASE put in an album. Please say how much you want, don't ask for offers as it starts bidding war.

*Our group is Timperley/Altrincham!! if you post out of area please deliver.

* Please note you buy items for sale on this group at your own risk. Admins cannot be held responsible for misleading or false advertising.

* We do try and look at everything but we are not here all the time. Being rude to admin will get you removed from group!!

* We ask all our members to treat online conversations with the same courtesy as face to face conversations . The first person to show interest in your item should be the first person to be offered that item

We hope you enjoy using the group as we value all our members

Thank you
Admins Joanne Hibbert, Helen Frances Grace.