Facebay - Gillingham, Kent sell sell sell



Our promise as Admin is to ensure that this group runs smoothly and that no rudeness by members or admin will be tolerated. If there are any problems within the group please do not hesitate to contact Admin. Amy Mitchell, , Mark Swinyard, Julie Gardner, maggis, and Jim Wilde.

1. Any rudeness will not be tolerated; any comments that are rude, threatening or unkind will be removed instantly. The person posting rude comments will receive a polite email from admin asking to be more polite to others and then we can all move on :-) however repeat ‘offenses’ will result in the member being removed.

2. No ‘fake’ or ‘counterfeit’ items. These are illegal and therefore we ask that all members are cautious of buying and ask many questions because once the sale has been completed there is nothing Admin can do. If we discover any items to be fake the post will be removed, repeat posts will result in the member being removed from the group.

3. To keep the group easy to use and running smooth, all posts will be deleted after One month

4. Please can members delete their items once sold or comment on their sold items ‘SOLD’ so that admin can delete

5. Please can members use the @ tagging system. Many people do not get notifications from the group and if you tag the member they will get a personal notification. To do this use the symbol @ and then type the name (no spaces) and then select the name from the drop down list.

6. Businesses adverts & group links to be posted only on a monday

7. If you can, and have many things to sell, please create an album. We understand many of you use mobiles to access facebook but it would be helpful for computer users to create one where possible.

8. Messages from other members that are not on your friends list will most likely go to your ‘other’ folder in messages. So please check your other folders when making a sale :-)

9. There is a search bar at the top right hand corner of the page, you can use this to find your own posts by typing your name, or others posts by typing their name or any key word such as – ‘table’ when looking for a dining or coffee table etc.

10. Most importantly, all members please be aware that some people are not what they seem. So please be cautious, avoid meeting strangers alone and/or in quiet places. If you are uncertain about someone, ask a friend or relative to be with you when collecting or having something collected from you. NEVER meet someone without someone else at least knowing where you are going and when you are expected to be back. Safety first :-)

11. Please sell your items on a first come first served basis, this helps to avoid any arguements between buyers and people do not become confused. Normally the first person to express an interest should be replied to first. So buyers please be clear with your intentions.