Aston Villa Fans in Brisbane

In the end, we got a nice two-ads-for-the-price-of-one deal. Hope you also like the 'Blues on Back Foot' ad too! I just want to publicly thank all the people who came together to make this happen. I had to fight a few battles along the way, but the strength of your conviction, belief and your generosity made it worth fighting every inch. As the Guardian said, this is an 'unprecedented' step for supporters in having their voice heard. To the few fans who will no doubt say they are embarrassed by the ad, why? Unfortunately, the club is currently doing an excellent job at making us feel even more embarrassed. Is it embarrassing to have a voice instead of just having your loyal devotion taken advantage of? We should be more embarrassed by what's been on the front page of the Birmingham Mail this week and whatever page they print the league table on, then what was on the back. I hope this ad will also be seen as drawing the line under what has been a woeful season and that we can go onto build that 'bright future' and also return the soul back to Villa Park. I think 14.00 tomorrow, will be a bloody good time to start trying! UTV MOMS