Campti/Clarence and Surrounding Areas: Buy/Sell/Swap/Share your business

Welcome to the Campti/Clarence Louisiana and surrounding areas Louisiana sell page. Feel free to post your items for sale , swap, trade, free , or even if your have your own business feel free to post your ads. (If you don't want to see business post by Direct Sellers then this may not be the group for you as I do allow those posts in this group) All ads will be approved first by the administrator.

Only a few rules:
*If you have multiple items to sell , please create a photo album.

*If your in the same business as someone else , please do not post or bump your post right above that person. Most in direct sells/same type of business are in it more as a team not as competition. (If this happens the person will be deleted)

* Business ads please only post one ad a day or bump daily. If you need to post a new updated post , please remove the old post before hand. If you post more than one ad a day and do not follow the rules , you will be removed from the group.

*Please add your location to your post so people can see were the item your selling is located or if looking for a certain business closer to them

*No Selling of animals of any kind, can post only if giving away and animal.

*No Gun Sales , if I see any I will delete.

* If you sell a item you list please go back and remove the post .

Thanks and hope you all find this group useful