Caddo Mills Classifieds

For people in the Caddo Mills Area

Please take time to Read the Rules before you join.

Please try your best to post a photo of the item you wish to sell, along with your asking price and any details about the item, including which post/town the item is located. Photos tend to eliminate the guessing game and makes for a quicker shopping experience for the buyers and sellers. If you are unable to post a photo of your item and wish to advertise your item by description only, on the Groups wall.

Navigating the classifieds

To change your notification settings- At the top right hand side of the groups wall, click "EDIT SETTINGS" change your "NOTIFY ME WHEN" preferences from there.

To view & upload images to the CMClassifieds Albums/item categories- To the right of the groups wall click on "VIEW PHOTOS", Click on the album you wish to upload to. In the upper right click "Add Photos".

To delete your photos after the item sells- Click on "view photos", click on the album your image is in. Click on your photo, then in the lower left click on "remove this photo".

Receiving Private Messages-

There has been some confusion regarding receiving private messages from buyers/sellers. If you do not see any messages in your regular Facebook "messages" inbox, try looking under your profile picture and clicking on "messages", then "other" will appear, click on "Other" and the messages should have appeared in that inbox.

Using your iphone to post/delete items:

Typically the iphone automatically has you view facebook in the "mobile version". Go to your internet and type in Then in the upper right click on "More" and scroll down to "Desktop Site" to view the SSClassifieds like you would on a desktop computer. This option will let you enjoy more of what the SSClassifieds has to offer as well as let you delete your photos or add photos to one of our predesigned photo albums. Please message me if you are having difficulty.


LTB - Looking to buy

PPU - Pending Pick Up

PDO - Pending Drop Off

Classifieds Rules:

Failure to comply to the rules will result in being banned from the group.

Please do not post your building/apartment # home address, phone numbers or use any names. This is for the safety of you and your family. If you wish to give phone numbers or addresses out, please do so in a private message ONLY.

DO NOT post your photos to the group wall, photos posted to the wall will be deleted immediately.

DO NOT make your own photo album/category. Please email the group admin. to suggest a new photo album category. All suggestions will be considered.

When adding a description to you photo, please include price, item condition and location of item ( Caddo mills, Greenville, Rockwall, Etc.)

Delete your pictures after the item has been sold, failure to do so will result in a group suspension. I don't find it fair to use this site to sell your things, make some money, then leave the mess behind once the item has been sold. Please clean up after yourself!

If your item contains a lot of member comments, please try to keep the last comment posted the item status - PPU, PDO, Still available. Just so members don't have to read through 15 comments to find out it is PPU.

Regarding the issue of sending invites to group members. Please restrain from doing so. We have created a YARD SALE Doc .. so you can post your party or yard sale info to those places. PLease include the location, time, date and maybe a little description as to what to expect. Hopefully this will eliminate multiple invites in your inbox

Profanity is prohibited, including accronyms of profane language.

Harassment/rude comments will not be tolerated. We are all adults, so please act like one. Be courteous of other members. Rude and out of line postings will be deleted and the offending member who posted the comment will be put on a 30 day suspension from the Group.

Photos 30 days or older with no activity for 30 days, will be deleted.

Home based businesses may advertise once a week on the wall. Postings outside this limit will be deleted and the business will not be allowed to post. The only exclusion is if the business is having a sale, then you may advertise your sale 3 times a week. Please email me for an exception to this rule. No Spamming the wall.

Please notify me, personally, of seller/buyer no shows. THREE no show violations with no contact, will result in violators being suspended from the group for 30 days. When the violator rejoins the group after the 30day suspension and has three no shows again, the violator will be permanently banned from the group.

The preferred language for this group is English, if you are going to speak another language, in conversation regarding an item, please include the English translation. It is only fair to the 98% of the members of the group, that we understand what is going on with an item. It also helps admins in quickly monitoring conversations within the group. Continuous failure to comply will result in the offender being banned from the group.

If you have agreed to purchase an item from a seller, please give them ample notice if you change your mind, the seller may have made special arrangements regarding work/children to meet you. It is ok to change your mind, just please give proper notice and show regard for others. Ample notice must be given by the seller if they change their mind about selling the item or the price as well.

Please contact me via "private message" to report any misconduct, suggestions, complaints or issues you are having with the group.

Recalled Items are not allowed to be sold in this group. If you come across a recalled item that has been posted, please inbox me so I can immediately remove it. Sellers: If you post baby items for sale, please be sure you are checking the internet to make sure the item has not been recalled, BEFORE posting it for sale. Buyers: You are also responsible for checking the baby item you wish to buy to see if it has been recalled. Please be responsible buyers and sellers!

COPIED/BURNED Music and movies are not allowed to be sold on this site.

BE SAFE! One thing I do ask is that everyone practice safe selling and buying. So PLEASE always try to meet in a well lit public location, if you don't already know the person. If you do decide to have the person drop by your home or you drop by their home, be sure there is someone else with you.

The seller has complete control over how they'd like to sell their item. In some cases, the item may just go to the highest bidder or to whomever responded first. Keep in mind, the seller may receive private messages that you have not seen posted on the wall, texts, phone calls, . The deal doesn't close until there is money and item in hand. Returns/exchanges are also at the sellers discretion.

Please update the conversation below your item being sold, PPU (pending pick up, PDO (pending drop off) or still available. I know I hate to read through a 30 message conversation only to find out it's PPU. And if the item has sold, please delete it.

Please inspect your item before closing the deal. All items sold on this site are sold as is. It is at the discretion of the seller if they will accept returns or not. Please be sure you have also tested your item before completing the sale to ensure it is in the condition it is advertised.

**I am not responsible for any misfortune or unsafe business practices made by any one of the group members, but you are more than welcome to contact me in regards to any or all of these if they occur**

If you have a suggestion for a new album, please contact me directly and I will consider adding it.

Things might not be just the way we want/would like to see them, and some things are beyond my control. Please just try to keep in mind... it's JUST FACEBOOK. Thank you everyone for your participation, suggestions and patience!! Happy Selling/Buying!"