49er Faithful Angels

This page is in loving memory of my father, Joe Madrid. A season ticket holder since 1978. My father passed away of cancer in his 49er faithful shirt at 9:33am on 1/15/2014. My memories of my dad and all our trips to candlestick have made me who I am today. Anyone who knows me will tell you, I bleed RED and GOLD. I was truly devastated when my I lost my father and I had no place to grieve and nowhere to share all the cherished NINER moments. No one could really understand. I lost him 2 days before we lost to Seattle. I was in his empty house when I witnessed another devastating loss. All I could think of was "Dad, you saw this coming didn't you! Ha! You didn't want to stick around for that ** ish!" ~ I felt so alone but I figured I couldn't be the only one feeling such pain yet so grateful at the same time. His dream was that I'd carry on his tradition. So here I am. Please share your pain, your hurt, your joy, your tears, your stories, your photos, your memories here, amongst your 49er family. We understand! I hope this is only the beginning as I'm working on a foundation to follow. Eventually, it is my dream to help other 49er fans in their time of need. Whether it's to send food, give advice on hospice care or just be here to listen. May God bless us all and all of our Forty-Niner Angels. #16