Callender Lake - Buy/Sell/Trade/Advertise

This group is for anyone in/around Callender Lake, including Murchison, Edom, Ben Wheeler, and Van to buy, sell, trade, swap, or just advertise a local service, or give away household and miscellaneous items you no longer need or use, and most of all, find some great deals!

This group can be used to really bless others!!! When posting, you must include price, location, description, and size if needed, and as much detailed information as possible. Please post items you could donate to a family in need.


Please please follow these RULES/procedures to ensure we have an awesome functioning site:

1. When you post your item, please describe the item and list price. Please have your location visible on your profile. If I cannot verify your location, you will not be accepted into the group. Also, if you do not live in one of the four cities, you will need to deliver or pick up your item to one of the four cities listed if sold.

2. No posting of anything damaged, broken, soiled, or worn out
Always let others know if you are unable to meet for any reason and try to give at least one day in advance.

3. If you live in a gated community, and you sell an item, you must meet any outsiders at the front gate.

4. When discussing pick up, PLEASE do so via text or PM so the item that is sold does not keep bumping to the top.

5. You may post business opportunities, but may only do so ONCE per week. You will be removed if the ad is posted continuously.

6. DO NOT repost items, bump them instead. Please do not bump more than once every two days.

7. VERY important, please delete item once it is sold, you just roll your cursor over the item and you will see a drop down arrow, click it and hit delete.

8. Although this is not a steadfast rule the general rule of the page is to give some one interested at least 8-12 hours to respond before offering it to the next in line. If you are in a rush to have the items sold or picked up please state that in the listing or that the first one who can pick it up gets it.

9. First to respond gets the first chance to purchase the item. If someone has already said they are interested, please post "NEXT" in case the first responders deal falls through. Please be polite and courteous to the members of the group.

10. DO NOT give out your phone number or email address on a post for others to see!!! Again communicate via Facebook Private Message (PM).

11. No posting/selling animals of any kind unless they are lost and need to be found!!


Following the above will help this site be easier to buy, sell, trade, or give from your heart!

Thanks everyone!