Rosemont Residents (Indian Land, SC)

This is a private group for the residents of Rosemont (Indian Land, SC) to share thoughts, ideas, and announcements. The group is maintained and moderated by residents of the community, and is not associated to Ryan Homes or Kuester Management (i.e. HOA). You must request to join this private group, and your request will be approved by the group administrators only if it is somewhat obvious that you are currently, or will shortly be, a resident of the Rosemont community. Please keep all discussions related to topics that concern the entire community, and no personal discussions should be posted. Please consider the privacy and personal opinions of others when posting.

SEARCH HINT: Many of the questions that new residents might have will probably have been asked/answered before. Did you know that you can keyword search this group? In the toolbar at the top of the group page, directly under the pictures of the group members, on the far right side, is a magnifying glass. That search tool will allow you to search this group for specific words, such as "fence" or "irrigation" or "garbage". However, as this community grows, the previously posted information might become outdated (such as pricing), so please feel free to post updated information to share with your neighbors.