American Express and its Cheating Strategies.

I have been a card member with american express since last 7 years and due to my heavy spends, they offered me an upgraded card for which they charged me an annual fee of Rs. 50000 and at the time of giving the card, a lot of benefits were mentioned including the acceptability of the card. I held this card for almost 3 years in these 3 years, i went through hell in getting merchants to accept this card. Each time, a merchant refused, i would call and get the complaint registered which sometimes took anything between 15 minutes to 1 hour with no compensation towards spending my valuable time and resources in ensuring that other customers don't go through it.
This problem has been highlighted to the country head and senior management including Mr. Batla and Mr Anurag Gupta who have turned to a deaf ear. I stopped using my card almost 4 months back when i was at an international airport carrying the AMEX Acceptance sign and the merchant refused to accept the card. After spending almost 30 mintues and almost missing my flight, i paid with another card and reported this matter to the call center which could also not convince the customer to accept the card. I was disappointed at this and since this had happened way too many times, i had lost faith in the brand and i requested them to refund the fess i paid. This correspondence was happening with Ms. Jayanti Mukherjee who is a part of the executive correspondent unit. on 27th March she mailed me that they would be willing to compensate me with 20000 reward points which is refused the same day and asked them to refund me the fee paid by march end. No reply was received so i sent another reminder yesterday i.e. 28.4.2014 in which the bank has maintained the stand that refund is not possible.
I wish to share with all of you, that please share in your groups the strategy of the bank of cheating customers of taking such heavy enrollment fees with absolutely no control over merchants in getting them accepted and also operating with a very low database for card acceptance.
I hope that this group will bring out more such cases to light and we can show to the banking ombudsman to have more stringent policies for international banks operating in india.