You know you grew up in Johnson City if you remember......

Share your Johnson City/ thoughts, memories, pictures, and history with others. Enjoy some laughter and some tears.

No posting of "sales" of any type item is allowed. Keep the language under control! NO PICTURES of anything "highly suggestive" and/or pornographic is ever allowed.

If these guidelines are challenging for you, this may not be the group for you.

If any of these guidelines are violated, you can be deleted from the group without notice.

Thank you.

UPDATE JUNE 27, 2013
NO political/religious debates and/or rants allowed.

UPDATE April 10, 2014
Thank you to Ellen Williams Rak for information about the SEARCH ICON! It is on the far right, top of the page, under the pictures. For Example: If you want to see the discussions on The Red Pig, type that in …. then fb attempts to pull all those threads together. You may still comment on the old threads. This just helps eliminate some of the redundancy. Thank you.